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About Royal Dance Troupe & Academy

About Royal Dance Troupe & Academy

Royal Dance Troupe & Academy affirms itself by the contagious energy of dance, the strength of its messages and the harmonization of an earthly depth with the boldness of the new technologies. 

Since establishing Royal Dance Troupe & Academy, We have organised a wide and varied range of events – National conferences,Corporate Offsites ,Teambuildings , dinners for two thousand, product launches and indoor/outdoor concerts that have catered for up to twenty thousand people. We are currently Working with close to 125 corporate clients on regular basis.

We are a company that manages an event to achieve a stated goal as determined by the client. We will come up with ideas, develop a critical path, write a budget for an event, seek sponsorship and provide a series of experts in various fields of entertainment, education, design, strategic planning, food & beverage, presentation and copy writing, or whatever is required.

Royal Dance Troupe Event Management works with individuals and companies or as part of a committee. We are happy to act as sole organiser or become part of the steering team. We can provide all of the ideas or become another resource in a brainstorming team. In all cases we undertake the responsibility and management of the day to day minutiae that go into organising any event. 

Points of Difference

A commitment to excellence, quality and attention to detail.
A professionally creative, yet instinctive ability to bring that magic moment to any event.
A company that operates anywhere in the country.
A clear understanding of the importance of every event we are involved in.
A willingness to work in partnership with others as directed by the client.
A proven track record in event and project management.
A cost-effective broad spectrum event management company with in-house marketing, public relations and design expertise.
A sense of fun and humour that we bring to our work. 

About us

RDT&T  offers an extensive and intensive range of touring experience.

Your performance skills will benefit from dancing on stages of different shapes and sizes, in front of a variety of audiences (some very dance-savvy and some new to dance) and all of the demands a long tour requires.


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