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Welcome to Royal Dance Troupe & Academy official Website!

Royal Dance Troupe & Academy affirms itself by the contagious energy of dance, the strength of its messages and the harmonization of an earthly depth with the boldness of the new technologies. 

In eighteen years of intensive artistic production and international circulation, RDT&T has already performed in more than 300 shows, being one of the most awarded companies.

Marriage, Sangeet & Reception Dance Choreography  

Indian weddings are full of fun and energy. The ceremonies don’t last just for a day. 

There are way too many ceremonies to keep a track of. Unfortunately, some people do not get to enjoy all those events because they don’t get leave from their workplace, long enough to go through with all the elaborate processes. But people don’t want to miss out on some singing and dancing ideas for sangeet ceremony or wedding. A wedding is the only time everybody gets to dance with their family without having eyebrows raised. A well-organised wedding choreography symbolises a friendly challenge between the families, establishing “which family is more fun!”

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  Undoubtedly, Royal Dance Troupe & Academy  is the sole ruler of corporate entertainment. 
They have won over the most successful brands like, View more

About us

RDT&T  offers an extensive and intensive range of touring experience.

Your performance skills will benefit from dancing on stages of different shapes and sizes, in front of a variety of audiences (some very dance-savvy and some new to dance) and all of the demands a long tour requires.


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